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Succulent Garden

Succulent Garden

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Succulents thrive in a variety of pots. Those that live exclusively indoors can occupy almost any type of vessel, from teapots to terrariums, provided the amount of water is carefully regulated. When outdoors, however, succulents can be soaked by heavy rains. For this reason, it's important to use pots with drainage holes. Terra cotta pots are ideal, as they naturally wick away moisture from the soil. Succulents should be potted in a lightweight succulent soil mix that allows for ideal drainage.

As with succulents planted in the ground, potted succulents living outdoors will rarely need watering. However, if it's unusually hot or dry, check in with your plants. Are the leaves shriveled? Does the soil appear dusty? If so, they likely need a drink. While it's true that most succulents enjoy abundant sunshine, some do best in partial sun or shade. Be sure the succulents in your planter have similar light requirements, and keep them in a portion of the yard that suits them best.

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