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Sok-It - JavaSok - Monstera Ink: Medium 22-28oz

Sok-It - JavaSok - Monstera Ink: Medium 22-28oz

Keeping Your Drinks Cool and Your Style Fresh With over 3 million happy customers worldwide, JavaSok is the undisputed leader in soft personal beverage coolers. We’re not just about preventing condensation and keeping things cold; we let people express their individuality through our unique, on-trend styles. There’s legendary history and Hawaiian heritage stitched into every Reyn Spooner garment. The spirit of Aloha and West Coast cool merge with East Coast prep. For over 60 years, Reyn Spooner has built a legacy of craftsmanship and design with Aloha in every stitch. Timeless, island inspired prints and patterns meet modern styling exclusive to SOK-IT.

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