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Cheese Brothers - 15-Year-Aged Cheddar

Cheese Brothers - 15-Year-Aged Cheddar

After a decade and a half waiting, we've released our most complex – and sharp – cheddar cheese, to-date.  When you try this 15-year-aged cheddar you should expect rich, intense flavors and a firm, though sometimes crumbly texture, thanks to its extended curing time. Our aged sharp cheddar cheese doesn’t blend in with the crowd. Enjoy all 15 years of the aging process by eating this on its own or with a light pairing of dried fruit or fresh apples. Net weight: 5 oz. Origin: Kiel, Wisconsin Age: 15 years Flavor: Very sharp, nutty, tangy, rich Pair with: Cabernet Sauvignon, charcuterie boards, fruit * Mindful Packing & Shipping We take care to protect the integrity of your cheese in transit.

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